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Stage screen case of Guangxi University for the Elderly



Product introduction

1.The image stitching processor is a hybrid card-type intelligent image stitching processor that can display multiple dynamic pictures on multiple screens to achieve the function of multi-window stitching. This product can automatically detect and identify the type of board, and supports VGA, DVI, HDBaseT, SDI, HDMI, DP and other splicing board cards, plug and play, can be mixed and used with signals of different formats.

2.The dual-circuit design of this series of products, power failure of any circuit does not affect the overall work of the machine, the host can work uninterruptedly; configure the control board, support video splicing, video matrix switching, cascade control of third-party equipment and other functions, and cooperate with preview echo The board can realize video signal preview and large screen echo function.

3. Device control methods include: RS232 command control and lan client software control, and support serial or network port to control remote third-party devices. Using client control software, multiple modes of output screen splicing display can be set, and input signal osd settings , Output picture preview, scene saving, scene polling, etc.The image stitching processor can be widely used in urban safety monitoring, intelligent traffic management, video conferencing, large conference centers, large commercial squares, military command centers, governments, etc.

Functional characteristics

Modular design, plug-in structure;

Adopts full hardware FPGA architecture, no embedded operating system, internal built-in core computing mechanism, excellent image processing performance;

Compatible with multiple input signal formats: 4K HDMI, 4K DP, HDBaseT, HDMI, DVI, VGA, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, SDI, CVBS, YPBPR, etc .;

Support single card dual output card and single card quad output card mixed use

Support LCD and LED large screen splicing;

The host supports high temperature alarm;

Support high-performance redundant power supply mode;

Support any resolution output, you can customize the output of non-conventional resolution, the highest support output resolution 1920x1200 @ 60Hz;

The output screen can realize arbitrary splicing display;

Control mode: RS232 serial port and LAN network port;

Through serial command, scene call, scene save, scene rotation, query and set IP can be realized;

Client software can realize signal switching, signal preview, stitching settings, scene recall, scene save, scene preview, resolution setting, factory reset, dynamic subtitles and HD basemap settings, etc

Support hardware clock authorization management, with server can monitor equipment running status online;

Support input signal source OSD custom character display function, you can set character font, size, color, transparency, position, etc .;

Support real-time preview of all input signals, which is convenient for users to observe and detect the access status of input signals;

Support large screen display signal monitoring;

Support any window opening, overlaying, roaming, splitting, zooming, stretching and cutting operations;

Support picture-in-picture display, image overlay display, multi-screen single-screen display, single-screen multi-screen display splicing function;

The client software can realize the layer order and property settings of the overlay window;

Single output screen supports up to 2 or 4 windows;

Single input source supports arbitrary windowing;

Up to 4 groups of independent display output screens can be set through the client, and the resolution of each group of output screens can be customized;

With power-off memory function;

I / O board supports hot swap;

Supports quick replacement of custom front panels.

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